What Does it Mean to Be Healthy?

What Does it Mean to Be Healthy?

Often we pay the most attention to our physical health. Only when our physical being begins to show signs of deterioration do we enlighten ourselves to understand what it means to be “healthy?”

When we are young, many of us tend to abuse our bodies. We are invincible. We believe the damage we are doing will not come back to bite us one day.

Forty years of my life went by until I finally woke up. My body had been living in fight or flight as if another disaster would occur at any moment. I ran the rat race of a never-ending maze, without a destination. One arrival would only lead me to crave more. What I had was never enough. What I achieved was never enough. I wasn’t a good enough mother, friend, or professional. I judged myself and was my own worse enemy.

My body began to break down. My adrenals were fatigued as I developed high blood pressure, a hernia, and gained weight. I lost my way. I arrived at my next stop unfulfilled. I began searching for answers.

My vision was blurring. I began to panic. My husband rushed me to the ER, where I was admitted. I was on a blood pressure medication. Doctors could not figure out what was causing my blurred vision. Their last resort was a psychiatric consult as if I imagined this debilitating symptom.

My next step was a consultation with Dr. Anand Srivastava, who advised me to take Arjuna (a vitamin for cardiac health) for three months. He was certain that my blood pressure would stablize. I got off my blood pressure medication. A few days later, my blurred vision disappeared. A few months later, my blood pressure was consistently normal.

I almost fell into the trap of stacking medications. A patient on several medications with a laundry list of symptoms and no real answer to what was causing what. A patient who did not understand that there was no medication on this planet with no side effects—a lost soul, with nowhere to turn, except traditional medicine.

When we have a bacterial infection or break our leg, we must have surgery or be treated with antibiotics. However, what does traditional medicine have available for chronic, degenerative conditions? A band-aid.

Medication was a never-ending cycle of placing band-Aids on bruises that would never heal. I had to look from within. My body was capable of healing. I had to explore regenerative medicine and use my body’s own natural healing processes to flourish. Why hadn’t I sought refuge and practiced what I preached? Because I was a nurturer, who took care of others, not myself. My patients and family came first. I was invincible. Think again.

I’d learn the hard way. There are three components to good health: physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. We ignore one, and our homeostasis is thrown off from within.

I’d soon turn to spiritual healing to find my destination. I’d slowly heal my mind over body, reach a higher state of consciousness, and seek other more meaningful ways of fulfillment from within. My journey would continue without the never-ending desire for wants. I would learn to “just be.”

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