We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

Behind any experience is the experienced who knows what is happening. — Deepak Chopra.

For twenty years, I put shackles around my ankles and created restraints and rules where there aren’t any. Turning to the wisdom of others who claim to know more but are only a tiny part of this chaotic world, was my failure.

I judged others by their actions, ideas, and beliefs instead of looking at myself from within. If I used 1/2 of the negative energy to improve myself instead of judging others, my mind might be a better place.

Why must people always try to change the opinions of others instead of using the driving force of their convictions to determine their path? Because they are weak and feeble-minded. They seek to control and have power over others as they are driven by feeding the ego. Another’s actions or ideas cannot sustain an ego that one must constantly feed. This is losing one’s power.

IT IS ULTIMATE LOSS when I allow my words, actions, beliefs, and emotions to be driven by others. I have relinquished control. The excessive power I exhibit in the outer world is shallow, unsustainable, and meaningless. Those who feed the world with negative remarks are inadequate from within themselves.

Reap the most significant rewards in life by going against the grain and towards endless possibilities. Be proactive in assertions rather than reactive to the voice of others. As a result, my creativity sparked. I cannot change the world, but I can change my perspective of the world. My power lies from within.

I’m Shelly Sood, and my evolution to healing began several years ago when I came close to losing my husband and family to undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Through my company, GIOSTAR Chicago, we offer holistic healing approaches worldwide to patients suffering from degenerative conditions.