The Beauty of Storytelling

When your soul’s purpose of storytelling activates through a higher state of consciousness, you are unstoppable. The words flow out of you as water effortlessly flows from a faucet. You realize the reason for your existence is to tell your life journey to the world through film and literary art. You are a storyteller, an artist whose mission is to capture the truth. The authenticity of your soul’s journey bleeds through cinema and literature around the world.

The nightmare of the past becomes lucid. You reflect upon the old version of yourself and cherish the gifts you’ve now been given.

The gift of an incredible husband who not only survived but thrives spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The window to his soul is open as he welcomes you in. The gift of 3 beautiful children who survived the carnage, untethered from the emotional turmoil. They are ready to tell their own stories as the journey of life awaits them. Their spiritual enlightenment ignites. The gift of your parents who understand, reflect upon and seek joy in your evolution.

The gift of your own being whose spiritual journey has just begun. The calmness.The tranquility. The fear of the unknown has vanished. The fear of the past has evaporated. The promise of the future has ignited.

I was blind, but now I see.

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