Rahul Kay, CEO, Sukhi: Finding Mindful Happiness In an Increasingly Burned Out World

The crux of The Shelly Story platform lies in “owning your own health,” through healing practices beyond surgery, medication, cognitive therapy, and other traditional modalities. Additionally, it is all about untethering ourselves from conventional career paths and “templates” handed down over generations – especially as South Asian immigrants.
As such, we were very excited to speak with Rahul Kay, Founder and CEO of Sukhi, a company that seeks to reduce corporate burnout and promote wellness through both in-person activities and an innovative digital app. The platform focuses on numerous areas, ranging from meditation and mindfulness to improving performance in the workplace. Sukhi includes Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Amazon, Microsoft, and numerous other leading organizations in its impressive roster of more than 50 clients.
Join Rahul and host Nikhil Torsekar as they touch on
  • The definition of the term Sukhi (Sanskrit for “happiness”)
  • Rahul’s time at a 10-day retreat at Global Vipassana Pagoda in India
  • Differences between Sukhi and Calm, Headspace, and other mental health apps on the market
  • Concepts that informed the launch of Sukhi, including positive psychology and Vipassana meditation
  • How Sukhi is similar to a “Peloton for emotional wellness”
  • How the pressures of attending a top business school (MIT Sloan) and working at an elite management consulting firm (McKinsey) informed the launch of Sukhi
  • The resistance of many South Asians to therapy
  • “Model minority” – why it’s a true myth
  • Rahul and Nikhil’s motivation to better leverage meditation – “in their DNA” – to manage mental health
  • How Sukhi is being implemented at corporations
  • Future plans for Sukhi
To learn more about Rahul and Sukhi, please visit thesukhiproject.com
You can also follow the company on Instagram and Twitter.
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