Bone Marrow Aspiration

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow aspiration is a regenerative medicine technique used to collect bone marrow – the soft sponge-like tissue containing mature blood cells, found inside some of the bones within the body. This can often reveal the condition of your marrow, and if it is healthy and producing normal amounts of cells. We can also utilize this technique to discover and oversee any blood and marrow diseases. To do this, a needle is used to withdraw a sample of the bone marrow fluid.

What is Bone Marrow Aspiration?

Conditions can sometimes be associated with ailing bone marrow. If early tests show atypical levels of white or red blood cells, your physician may order a bone marrow aspiration. It may be beneficial in the identification of a disease, along with devising a suitable treatment protocol. It can also be used to treat people going through a number of conditions including knee and hip pain, along with numerous other orthopedic disorders. Conditions and diseases that may require bone marrow aspiration include:

  • Anemia
  • Myelofibrosis
  • Leukopenia
  • Leukemia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint Pain

After the bone marrow is analyzed, it then goes through a process to create a bone marrow aspirate concentrate. This concentrate can be injected into the body in areas of degeneration or injury to promote healing. This can happen through a process of centrifugation to isolate cells that contain growth factors used to promote this healing.

Procedure Expectations & Recovery Time

To help you better prepare for the procedure, here is an outline of the steps involved in bone marrow aspiration:

  • Prior to your procedure, you’ll be given local anesthesia to numb the needle insertion area.
  • A needle is inserted in the iliac crest of the hip bone.
  • A syringe is then attached to draw the fluid out of your marrow. There should be minimal pain due to the numbing, but a dull ache is common.
  • You may feel slight pain over the following week, which can be easily managed with the use of over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • After the marrow is extracted, it is sent to our in-house lab for processing.
  • This creates an aspirate concentrate, that is directly injected into the treatment area.

Benefits of Bone Marrow Aspiration

For most conditions that can be treated by bone marrow aspiration, the only other options are surgery or pain medications. Following surgery, many patients endure extended recovery times and impairments in mobility, which can greatly disrupt their quality of life. Surgery is also not always guaranteed to work, and can even lead to more and/or new sources of pain.

Pain medication often serves to simply “mask” the symptoms, versus addressing the underlying condition. This approach may also have a number of side effects – including dependency on the medication. Further, for patients with chronic, recurring pain, medication can also become a very expensive option.

Bone marrow aspiration is a minimally invasive technique with very minimal downtime and few side effects. The procedure may provide quick relief for patients suffering from numerous conditions, and get you back to your regular routine in a short period of time.

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Bone marrow aspiration is an advanced treatment focusing on regenerative medicine that harnesses the growth and healing power of bone marrow stem cells. Are you ready for a less painful, more effective process for managing your health?  Call our office in Glenview, Illinois at (844) 446-7827 to learn more. GIOSTAR looks forward to speaking with you in greater detail about our therapies, backed by more than twenty years of research in regenerative medicine.


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