Back And Neck Pain

Lifting heavy boxes; checking traffic signals as we drive; even sitting at our desk.

What is the one common thread that links these activities? They all involve the use of our back and neck. Continual, uninterrupted usage greatly increases the chance of injury and pain to these regions of the body.

back and neck pain

When neck or back pain begins to reduce our quality of life, we often seek relief through medication, surgery, and other traditional routes. These options are accompanied by numerous side effects, including prolonged recovery periods and an increased chance of addiction. At GIOSTAR, we offer patients a powerful alternative – regenerative techniques that leverage the body’s own stem cells to promote healing.

About Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain problems are among the most prevalent chronic pain issues disrupting the lives of Americans. A 2017 study in Medicine, estimated the incidence among adults to be upwards of 80% and 70% for back pain and neck pain, respectively. This prevalence of back and neck pain is understandable, given the continual use of these regions of the body throughout the day.

There are significant variations in the incidence of back pain between men and women: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), for instance, found that lower back pain affected 30% of females, versus 26% of males. This may be attributed to numerous gender-related differences, including the strain that women experience from pregnancy.

Lifestyle also plays a role in the incidence of neck pain. Sedentary habits have increased greatly in recent years, with more than 25% of Americans spending more than 8 hours a day sitting. In drooping their head forward to look at their laptops or smartphones for extended periods of time, they put undue pressure on the neck.

What Causes Back and Neck Pain?

The cause of back and neck pain can vary from person to person but often it can be attributed to these causes and more:

  • Overuse/Strenuous activity
  • Trauma/Injury
  • Degeneration of Vertebrae
  • Abnormal growth
  • Sprain/Strain
  • Osteoporosis
back and neck pain

Symptoms of Back & Neck Pain

As with most conditions that cause pain, the pain itself is typically not the only symptom people will encounter. Most people may feel a few symptoms along with the pain, including the following:

  • Dull, sharp, and/or burning pains
  • Numbness in the arms and/or legs
  • Tingling sensation below the knee, and in the arms
  • Achiness or stiffness along the spine
  • Shooting pain that moves along the spine down to the buttocks
  • Pain in the shoulders
  • Headaches

How Can Regenerative Medicine Help?

Regenerative medicine focuses on helping the body’s own ability to repair itself. This is done by injecting stem cells into injured or degenerated areas in order to promote the regeneration of healthy tissue. Stem cells have the potential to form into a number of different tissues that can make the healing process more efficient.

GIOSTAR provides patients with nonsurgical alternatives to alleviate back and neck pain. Regenerative treatments utilize your own growth factors to repair and promote the regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue and promote healing. At GIOSTAR patients undergo multi-factorial analysis, aiding their provider in developing a unique and customized protocol to help them enjoy life again and rediscover activities they once cherished.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine for Neck and Back Pain

As the neck and back are used so frequently, to fix any issues medical providers need to be very careful and precise in their treatments. This is one reason why regenerative medicine is a great option over surgery.

With surgery, patients must endure extensive recovery times and may experience unforeseen side effects. The procedure often serves as a “band-aid” that temporarily “masks” the symptoms associated with the degenerative disorder. Another issue with surgery is that there is always a chance that something can go wrong and make your pain worse.

With regenerative medicine, patients can undergo a minimally invasive procedure with limited downtime and recovery. GIOSTAR physicians are trained in the latest regenerative medicine techniques and equipment, enabling them to home in on the point of injury with the highest level of precision and accuracy. Finally, regenerative medicine can be a longer-term solution as your body’s own growth factors will continue to repair the injured area and regenerate tissues

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