When Does the Magic Happen?

Magic happens….

To those who open the door.

To those who have the courage to walk through it.

To those who switch off the noise.

To those who don’t follow the paths of others.

To those who listen to their hearts.

To those who are determined to help mankind.

Have you ever noticed that when you enter a room filled with loved ones, and you have positive things to say (rather than grumpy criticisms, complaints, or insults), there is an energy to the room?

When we come from a place of compassion within our hearts, we release this energy amongst our family, friends, co-workers, partners, and others whose lives we touch. As this energy is felt, we make a great impact on the world and the lives of others.

When we internally relinquish control and realize there is nothing we can dominate in this world, we open our minds to new discoveries about ourselves. We no longer see the world through a distorted looking glass. We understand the hardships we endure and the loss we experience. The circumstances that present themselves to us hold meaning. We use our intuition to determine the character of those around us. Our intuition is our guide to self-discovery, to finding our soul path and our purpose on this incredible journey we call life.

As Sonia Choquette, bestselling Mindvalley author and speaker, put it in this clip below, “our intuition does not tell us what we want to hear. It tells us what we NEED to hear.”


Perhaps there is no logical explanation for what the universe delivers. Perhaps it just is. Perhaps it’s exactly what we need at any given moment.

As we surrender our hearts to the unknown, doors to the universe open at electrifying speed. Sometimes it happens so fast and with such little effort that we don’t know what hit us. Was it luck? Can we attribute this to logical choices? No, we cannot give full credit to logic or rational thought. If we did, we wouldn’t be standing here today with my husband of 20 years and three happy, well-adjusted, loving children. All logic and rational thought told us we would not survive the carnage. We are blessed beyond compare. Our gratitude fills our hearts. We were blind, but now we see.

We’ve been given a second chance at life. It is time to retell our story, one movie scene at a time.

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