Paris Prynkiewicz: On Strategies to Live Well Bipolar – A Crooked Illness

Paris Prynkiewicz was diagnosed with depression at age 16, while her suspicion of having bipolar disorder was ignored by doctors because her productive life didn’t “fit the mold.” A few years later, she was hospitalized and court-ordered into treatment, leading to a life-changing journey of healing.
Podcaster and author of the incredible memoir, Crooked Illness: Lessons From Inside & Outside Hospital Walls, Paris Prynkiewicz is joining host Nikhil to discuss her mental health and how the shame she felt surrounding her bipolar diagnosis affected her road to recovery. You’ll also hear both of their experiences with inpatient psychiatric treatment.
On her podcast Live Well Bipolar, Paris shines light on many issues and possible solutions for those living with bipolar. Today, she’s sharing what has helped her conquer her mental health, including evaluating relationships, finding community, and challenging her inner critic.
Tune in to hear an inspiring story of change and learn how to find gratitude in the little things!
Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Paris’ background and advocacy
  • How she came up with the term “Crooked Illness” for her podcast and memoir
  • Paris shares her diagnosis journey
  • Nikhil and Paris reflect on their experiences with inpatient treatment
  • Changing relationships and finding community
  • What has helped Paris manage her mental health?
  • Paris’ work with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and more mental health organizations
  • Starting her podcast (Live Well Bipolar)and its goals
  • What’s next in Paris’ personal and professional life
  • Advice to anyone struggling with mental health issues
To learn more about Paris Prynkiewicz, listen to her podcast Live Well Bipolar on Apple Podcasts and check out her memoir, Crooked Illness: Lessons From Inside & Outside Hospital Walls.
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