Kiersten Parsons Hathcock – Little Voices, Big Impact: Intuitive Powers in Healing from Trauma

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
This quote attributed to Albert Einstein describes our collective misunderstanding of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind. For those who have experienced trauma, the learned act to rationalize our experiences can mean missing sometimes life-changing information from our subconscious. By tapping into her own intuition, today’s guest was able to escape an abusive relationship and start to heal.
Joining Shelly on today’s episode is Kiersten Parsons Hathcock, founder of Mod Mom Furniture, TEDx Speaker, and author of the book Little Voices: How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal From Abuse. Kiersten is also an intuitive medium, and uses her gift at the National Institute for Law & Justice (NILJ), which she helped create with CEO Mark Pucci.
Kiersten is sharing her emotional story of healing her inner child, including repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse and finding—and then learning to listen to—her intuition. She also discusses wounded detachment, trauma bonding, and what she’s learned from children in spirit.
As you’ll hear Kiersten say in this episode, knowledge is power, so tune in to learn about intuition, healing your inner child, and more!
Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Kiersten on her book, Little Voices
  • Her cathartic experience writing a letter to her abuser
  • Acknowledging and healing her inner child
  • Breaking the cycle of generational trauma
  • The story behind National Institute for Law & Justice (NILJ)
  • What pushed Kiersten to leave her relationship with a narcissistic abuser
  • Kiersten explains wounded attachment and trauma bonding
  • How to tap into your intuition
  • Using binaural beats to get into an alpha state of mind
  • Kiersten speaks to future generations
  • The creation of Mod Mom Furniture
  • Kiersten’s final thoughts and resources for abuse survivors
If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to grab Kiersten Parsons Hathcock’s book Little Voices: How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal From Abuse!
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Resources Mentioned:
Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side by Tyler Henry
Check out Shahida Arabi’s series of writings on narcissistic abuse, including her article, Your Brain on Love, Sex and the Narcissist: The Addiction to Bonding with Our Abusers.
You can also get more information from Dr. Ramani Durvasula on her website, and hear Kiersten on her podcast soon!