How to Be The Interior Designer of Your World

Energy: Everything is energy. When I change the energy around me, the universe will automatically place those things in my path. The clearest minds will trigger the capability to overcome obstacles placed in my path. 

Experience: the end result and the path to get there. Picture a clear image and feel the location, circumstance, or atmosphere. If I am on the beach, I feel the sand at my feet, the cool breeze and ocean air, and the sun rays beaming on my forehead. I can either make it the best experience of my life or fill it with negative energy consumed with doubt, self-hatred, and insecurity. 

Focus: I focus on my core being, not the behavior of others. Negative thoughts play a detrimental role in anyone’s life. If others have negative feelings towards me, I can either allow their behaviors to consume me or discard it without a second thought. The choice is yours. Intense concentration and focus are necessary. The art of meditation can guide the way to a mindful perspective.

Intuition: I can become a new reality by understanding what it feels like to be that person. I leverage my intuition to determine which steps I need to take to reach those goals. I can determine who to trust, who to discard, and how to get there. Let go of the old script and look for a new story.

Breathe: A thought or action comes to your mind immediately. How can you tell if it is an action based on fear or mindfulness? The art of the breath. Wait 3 seconds, breathe. Inhale, exhale. Do you still think your initial thought is a wise choice?

Belief Systems. Limiting beliefs will foster habits in me to take the wrong action. Change the initial beliefs, and start to feel good. When I feel good, I will migrate to the steps that achieve those goals. I will not waste my time on the foolish, insecure, empty discussions that bring negative forces in my life.

Barriers: Humans create their own barriers. They block energy and consume themselves with negative outcomes. They force themselves to live in their own internal hell, the mind. We fail to switch the light of our minds off at night, thereby creating another roadblock to happiness, fulfillment, and soulful living. A mind, according to Deepak Chopra, that is consumed with positive or negative thoughts, is a chaotic mind. It is a mind that is not at peace.

Forgiveness: Rid myself of anger towards people and truly forgive them. Not forgiving those who wronged me leads to negative internal energy and only hurts me. Forgiving doesn’t mean I open up the doors into your life. You forgive others because my soul deserves peace. Forgiveness feeds my soul.

Contentment and gratitude: for the present, instead of longing for the future or living in the past, bring joy in our lives and aid in the manifestation of brighter days ahead.
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