Fear is the most powerful word in the English language. It can prevent me from making a mistake, but it can also prevent me from living my true calling.  My ego is driven by fear. Often, I react to others out of fear. I communicate hurtful words or lash out because I am fearful.

What am I afraid of? Do I fear seeing myself and my vulnerabilities? Do I fear looking in the mirror and accepting my true being? Do I fear a look of disappointment from others? Is it a fear of the unknown? Yes.

I must not give the power of my emotions, including my fear to others. I must not be influenced by what others say, think, or believe. I must have a conviction to own and conquer my fear and its sources.

When I feel pain in my life, I falsely presume it will never end. I do not understand the significance of the pain. I do not grasp that most pain leads to growth and reflection from within ourselves. I do not understand that I will not learn valuable life lessons without pain.  I will not trade my pain. It has taught me to steer clear from a shallow, unfulfilled life that does not guide me to a higher state of being.

I am fearful of change in my life. I attempt to hold onto the old for fear of new unchartered waters. I cannot accept the instability and fragility of life. All good and bad things must come to an end. Without an end, there is never a new beginning.

Life is but a fleeting moment that passes us by. I am a tiny spec on this planet that has been here for only a short time. Some of us fear our mortality. The power lies within me when I relinquish control, accept my mortality, and embrace the unknown. Reaching a higher state of consciousness leads me on a path of acceptance. Fighting the inevitable due to fear of the unknown is futile. Living life on earth filled with pure joy makes fear a powerless word.

I must diminish fear to the point of paralysis, so it is incapable of controlling my being. I must strip fear of its power.