Meditation: Reinvent Your Reality

Meditation is not simply a mindfulness practice or a cliché overused term. Meditation is a way of life. When we meditate, we detach from the physical body. We activate an energy flow (prana, chi, Ruach, Ki, Lung) to penetrate our being to reach our heart center. We energize our sixth sense as we were robbed of it at a very young age. Due to the destruction of the world, negative biased media, generational trauma, and cultural man-made barriers, we have lost control of our authentic, trauma-free selves.

Meditation facilitates our innate human desire for control, by looking within our inner self. It enables one to release the shackles of imprisonment to the outer world and empowers oneself to pave a path of happiness, abundance, and fulfillment by owning our emotional responses to both positive and negative Stimuli. Meditation can give one the humility to seek the truth of self from within and create an open flow to receive the right tools necessary for fulfillment.

The question is then, how do we get there? How do we adapt the ancient pranayama practices of India to resonate with modern society? How do we avoid getting too spiritually entrenched into teachings and losing our audience? Our goals are the same. They just need to be
delivered in a method that is easy to digest, fun, engaging, and resonates with western society.

Bringing ancient methods to the masses requires the ability to bridge the gap between eastern techniques and modern healthcare, free of any affiliation to religion, race, culture, or ethnicity. There is no right or wrong answer here. It is one’s ability to own their health, free of
judgment and free of the rules that dictate the outside world.

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