Cain McQuinley – Owning Your Health: From Near Fatal Car Crash Survivor to Innovator in Regenerative Medicine

One of the key themes of The Shelly Story is owning your own health. Although doctors, nurses, and medical professionals play an important role, we are the ones who are ultimately responsible for optimizing the health of our mind, body and soul.  Helping to save her husband’s life inspired Shelly to launch GIOSTAR Chicago – a leading stem cell therapy provider – which is how we met today’s guest, Cain McQuinley.
Cain is a prime example of the benefits of owning your health. He transformed his life by going against the one-size-fits-alfl treatment model prevalent in today’s healthcare system.
After suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a teenager, Cain McQuinley pushed through the subsequent struggles to take charge of his own health and decided to experiment with regenerative medicine.
Combined with his time studying sports medicine and regenerative medicine in college, his own injury has helped him gain insight and knowledge to advocate for others in his roles at the nonprofit Veterans In Pain, and Regenerative Ops.
Cain found success with stem cell therapy and ketamine infusion therapy, combined with positivity, perseverance, dogged stubbornness, and refusal to accept the status quo.
Tune in to this episode to get inspired and learn more about cutting edge regenerative medicine!
Topics discussed:
  • Cain tells the story of his TBI and recovery time spent in the hospital
  • How Cain’s TBI and drug-induced coma inspired him to explore new age therapies
  • How Peyton Manning’s stem cell therapy inspired Cain’s interest in cutting edge therapy
  • The lack of regenerative therapy options in the healthcare system
  • Cain’s TBI symptoms and the effect on his life
  • Cain’s successful experience with his own stem cell IV infusion
  • Cain venturing into a career to make regenerative medicine available to others in need
  • Veterans In Pain supporting those who haven’t had success with traditional therapies
  • Veterans In Pain’s goal to share research and processes to adapt change within the VA
  • How Cain’s success with ketamine infusion therapy led to Veterans In Pain creating a branch for this treatment within the organization
  • The stigma of ketamine and the shifting view on psychedelics in the medical community
  • Cain’s inspiration to co-found Regenerative Ops
  • What is orthobiologics and what products does Regenerative Ops offer?
  • Cain’s advice to anyone who is struggling with an injury or chronic pain
  • The importance of advocating for yourself
  • How important mindset and gratitude is on a healing journey
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