Activate Your Sixth Sense

When I desire to achieve, wish to have, long to be, or pray to the higher powers, I invariably push my desires farther away.

The attachment to the outcome and inability to be happy in the current state does not bring my wishes to fruition. What brings my desires to fruition is the ability to “be” in the present, live the vibration of the future as if it already is, and push out any opposing forces that say “it can’t be,” “it won’t be,” “stop dreaming.”

The second component to achieving your desired outcome is to strategically do from a place of strong intuition. When I act from a place of fear, envy of others, or jealousy, I fail. We fail when we work with a “do now” mentality instead of embracing the now, tapping into our intuition, and acting solely from intuitive thought. A constant go, go, go mentality only leads to poorly thought-out actions, knee-jerk or fear based reactions, and unsuccessful plans.

How can we reach a place of intuitive thought and avoid making the wrong decisions at each crossroad in life? The key is to reach our higher selves- the wiser version of ourselves that does not rely on or look upon others for the answers we want but looks within. Our higher selves are not reactive to the outer world but proactive to achieving our soul purpose.

Albert Einstein attributes his success to one thing: intuition. One would assume that Albert Einstein sided with logic over intuition. However, this was not the case. Einstein faced criticism for challenging centuries of scientific thought.

How can we reach our higher selves and tap into intuitive thought? We quiet our minds through various practices, including (but not limited to) meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, creative visualization, breathwork, yoga, and music etc.

Our sixth sense or intuitive thought has been there our entire lives. It has been present since the moment we were born. Do we need to understand intuition and how it works to use it? No. We, as humans, always complicate the sixth sense. We enter a complex outer physical world, surrounded by noises, opinions, social norms, trauma-filled beings, and negative vibrations. We expect to seek answers from these external forces instead of trusting our intuition from within to guide us on this journey.

As children, we are dreamers, unaffected and not yet traumatized by the outside world. As adults, we face realities that children are not exposed to. We are indoctrinated into belief systems at a young age. As adults, we lose the ability to tap into our six senses and start to believe that only our rational minds lead us to the answers we need. This is not true. There is more to the human mind that goes beyond our realm of comprehension.

When we begin to think from our hearts and use the power of intuition to guide us, we can effectively navigate troubled waters, manage conflicts, and manifest our greatest desires in life.