Shelly Sood

Six years ago, I had a picture-perfect marriage, lived in an upper-class neighborhood, was married to a high-powered banking executive, and had 3 beautiful children. I was suddenly yanked from this illusion: my loving husband – who had suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder for decades – suddenly transformed before my eyes, filed for divorce, and became hellbent on my destruction. My sanity, physical health, faith in humanity, pocketbook, and welfare of my children and husband eroded before my eyes.

Today, I am an author, mother of 3, wife, and an entrepreneur who launched a health care company called GIOSTAR* Chicago, and wrote a book called Untethered on my personal journey after saving my husband’s life. I discovered that the fulfillment gained from diminishing the pain of others is like nothing else. I have over two decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and hold a BA in Political Science from the University of Rochester and an MS from DePaul University.

*(Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research)

What every suffering couple or family member should know.

3 steps to glue your marriage and family back together after the destruction of bipolar mania

How to look beneath the mask of your mentally ill loved one, without losing your sanity

What it took to save my husband’s life, when for 2 decades he suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder you dare not overlook in a loved one or someone you know personally or professionally

Why it takes approximately 6 years for a psychiatrist to diagnose bipolar disorder.

How to never again be emotionally or mentally hijacked by the actions of others.

Surviving housewife to thriving entrepreneur and author: what steps to take to become the best version of yourself.

What is the real reason why 69% of patients with bipolar disorder are misdiagnosed? More than 30% of those remain misdiagnosed for 10 years or more.

How the portrayal of mental illness in television shows or movies feeds into the stigma of mental illness today

How the practices of Deepak Chopra’s quantum healing and meditation can change your life.

How Gen Z uses TikTok to de-stigmatize mental illness today.

The real reason there is a growing number of mental health concerns during the pandemic.


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About GIOSTAR Chicago

Although draining and unspeakably painful, my struggles led me to a life-changing epiphany. I succeeded in my quest to get my husband on the road to recovery, and help him better manage his psychiatric disorder. Feeling incomparable empowerment from this experience, I made it my personal mission to help others combat the most devastating, debilitating illnesses known to man.

I was blessed to cross paths with Deven Patel and Dr. Anand Srivastava, the Co-Founders of Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR). Headquartered in San Diego, the Institute has locations in Mexico, India, and other countries around the world, and is driven by the mission of “making the most advanced, expensive, and elite science available to the masses.” After two years of often frustrating and exhausting work, I finally launched GIOSTAR Chicago (giostarchicago.com) – the first clinical center in the United States.

Each day I charge ahead, leveraging innovative stem cell science – along with insights gained from this period of unprecedented disruption – to help patients regain their vitality and hope in the beauty of life. Even if one life is saved, I will know that my struggles were not in vain.

Industry Era Women Leaders - Top 10 Recognition

Shelly was recently recognized on Industry Era’s Top 10 Women Leaders of 2022. Founded in 2015, Industry Era is a source of the latest news, inspiration, and motivation for the world’s most influential organizations, steadfast leaders, solution providers, and budding entrepreneurs. Shelly’s dedication to her family and to her craft, combined with her entrepreneurship and benevolence, have earned her spot amongst the top 10 women leaders in the world. 

The feature discusses her past and the arduous journey she embarked on to save her husband and her family – which led to the launch of GIOSTAR Chicago. They also discuss exciting new developments in Shelly’s path, including her work on GIOSTAR’s skin care initiative. This technology leverages the power of stem cells to rejuvenate the skin and one’s appearance – and is sure to cause a stir in the market once their products launch.

Click here to read the article, and make sure to keep checking shellysood.com for further updates!